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Teen Chat Comment from Bailey

name = Bailey
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Im 16, in high school and it blows. i have some friends but not as many as other people. i have really good grades and im super smart but still none of the other girls seem to want to hangout with me. So unlike other kid, high school for me is just school and nothing social. I don't do social very well. I like Aspergers Teen Chat because it always has people who I can talk and relate too. I finally feel like I belong somewhere and that's all I have ever searched for. I love this place.

Teen Chat Comment from Kayla

name = Kayla
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey! :)
My name is Kayla.  I'm 15 years old, I am a sophomore in high school, and I have high-functioning Asperger's syndrome.  I have friends and stuff, but I guess I was just wanting to find some friends with asperger's to talk to. so, that's why I'm here.  I'm new here.. so I actually have no idea what I'm doing..
But ya so if you wanna talk or whatever just comment or email me at

Teen Chat Comment from Robert

name = Robert Waters
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Robert and I have aspergers syndrome and was diagnosed when I was 5. I was born in America, I lived there until I was 3, but now I live in Dublin, Ireland and I just turned 14 last week. I have been in mainstream education since I was 5 but there has always been some things that were a little different about me, I liked video games like Crash Bandicoot and Sonic the Hedgehog while the other boys liked football and yu-gi-oh. I did try to get into the stuff they were into, but I didn’t, I was happy with my interests. Sometimes I have difficulty with anger and dealing with my peers. Irish people’s culture is to make fun of each other in a joking way (we call that “slagging” or “banter”) but I have trouble figuring out what is “slagging” and what is “bullying” and sometimes I take things the wrong way but my parents are teaching me to get over it. Because Ireland is a small country I haven’t met anyone else with aspergers and boy I need some teenagers like me to talk to!!

Teen Chat Comment from Amy

Teen Chat Comment from Shaun

Teen Chat Comment from Jill and Rhonda

Teen Chat Comment from Sophia

name = Sophia
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, I'm sixteen and I just sorta stumbled onto this site. I didn't really ever think this could exist, but I guess I just wanted to know if there are really other people like me. Until a couple of years ago, I always just assumed I was just awkward or messed up somehow, 'til I found a list of criteria for asperger's online and they almost all fit me. I asked my mom, and she explained that I had been diagnosed as a kid, but they didn't tell me -- still not sure why. I'm what doctors call borderline/  high functioning, which I guess means I can hide it fairly well, but it's still definitely there. So, anyway, my interests are writing, books, film, ethics, politics/ social justice, psychology (obviously), and history. I do karate and academic team, so I can knock you out while reciting random facts. I like to think I'm a pretty good writer, particularly poetry. In general, I display above-average capacities in logical reasoning, vocabulary, etc, (Can I talk like a psychologist here and have no one think it's weird?) but I struggle with all the usual aspie stuff: social interaction, eye contact, reading cues, physical contact, and the like. I'm not really sure how this works but if you want to talk, hit me up!

Teen Chat Comment from Jackie

name = Jackie Toymil
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey.  Here is some stuff about me.  I was diagnosed with Asperger's at age 12.  As a child I have have always been shy, but impulsive once I settled in.  Over the years, I have become introverted together, but I have gotten much better since my freshman year in High School.  I have been playing the trumpet for about seven years now and love all music except heavy metal, rap, and country.  I am gifted with my artistic abilities in writing and drawing.  I really want to know as much as I can about Asperger's as well.  If you want to chat, feel free...that's why I'm here!

Teen Chat Comment from Daisy

name = Daisy
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, I'm Daisy. I'm 15 and I've just been diagnosed with Aspergers, which explains my complete lack of social skills. I love music, and am supposed to be meeting someone to talk about starting a band. Only problem is I can't do small talk and I know I won't know what to say, so I'm starting to get a bit worried. Anyone in a similar situation have any tips or advice?

Teen Chat Comment from Michiel

name = Michiel
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi everyone, I'm a almost 19 yo boy from Belgium, you know, Brussels but bigger. In my past, I never experienced no difficulties making friends, but I have always wanted to talk with people who also have Asperger's Syndrome. My interests are diverse, I like movies and TV series,science ,long distance running,martial arts,music,...  So finding common interest won't be a problem. If you're interested in a chat, just place a comment below!

Teen Chat Comment from Daisy

name = Daisy
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hello, I am Daisy Lilley (first and last name) and I am eleven. When I was ten years old, I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome. I find it very difficult to communicate with both teachers and studens face to face. Sometimes I get picked on because I love Jedward, Justin Bieber and One Direction. I love dogs and all animals as I have have one dog and one hamster. I came here in hope of finding someone to talk to. If you would like to chat or find out more about how aspergers affects me, then by all means talk to me.

Teen Chat Comment from Megan

name = Megan
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey, I came on this site to try to make friends; I got diagnosed with Aspergers two years ago. I'm interested in animals and science. If you want to chat comment.

Teen Chat Comment from Nathan

name = Nathan
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = sup, Iv been diagnosed for years but only recently decided to start looking for info and like minded (XD) ppl. just wanna chat; interests: cars, trains, cars, and anything with an engine. i honestly dont kno a whole lot about aspergers or how to cope. any tips would b appreciated.


Teen Chat Comment from Lorenz

name = lorenz polestico
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = i love my frends

Teen Chat Comment from Josh

name = josh
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = My name is josh and I would like to meet some one that is interested  in computers, cars, and small engines.

Teen Chat Comment from Ethan

name = Ethan
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey I'm Ethan I'm 14 I was diagnosed with aspergers when I was 8 and well let's say that didn't go to well lol um Im really just looking for people well like me to talk with email me at I really just want to talk about what ever you want to talk about I'll listen to you whatever you want just looking for some new friends that well understand lol

Teen Chat Comment from Carol

name = carol
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = I think this is awesome. There is sooooo much we are learning about Asperers and i think this helps a lot. And Heidi, hang in there sweetheart, understand that it is difficult for others to understand how you think, it took me a long long time! Enjoy life and who you are and the rest will come!

Teen Chat Comment from Heidi

name = heidi
email = (optional)
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = i have aspergers. my entire life i knew i was different to others but i didnt know what was different apart from the fact that i got bullyed alot and it was hard for me to make friends. my school work was very tough for me too. my parents dont understand autism or aspergers and they would rather not know about it.  my life is hell because they dont try to understand me. i just need someone to talk to. i am also anaphalactic to shellfish, sometimes i want to eat a prawn to end my life and i physically harm myself in melt downs untill im black and blue and swallen. but i blame it on a fall instead. this is why i need to talk to someone.

Teen Chat Comment from Cameron

name = Cameron
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hello! Name's Cameron! I am 14 and obviously an aspie. My favorite pastimes are Minecraft (I LOVE Tekkit) and papercrafting. If you want to chat, message me on Facebook at or email me at We can chat on Google+, too!

Teen Chat Comment from Emily

name = Emily
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey Im Emily

I Love animals an Water i really really want to make friends, an some friends in my town i live in Arizona :) im really kind if anyone wants to know more about me please E-mail me

Teen Chat Comment from Belle

name = Belle
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, I'm Belle. I was just diagnosed with Aspergers (but I've known I've had it for a year). My mom has been telling me to find a site like this, so here I am! I'm hoping to  find some friends!

About me:

I used to live in WA but now I live in AZ
I am a girl, but I work at a Cub Scout Resident Camp (yes, you can do that)
I like making duct tape stuff
I am a nondenominational Christian, and love Jesus.
I am a junior in HS.
If you are looking for some friends, or wanna be my friend, feel free to contact me!

Teen Chat Comment from Kahara

name = Kahara
email = (optional)
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments =

I'm excited about finding a place where I can go and chat to people like me. I know I'll have lots of fun here.

Teen Chat Comment from Nicole

name = Nicole
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments =

Hi im nicole im 17 and i have aspergers i love making new friends especially with others with aspergers. If anyone wants to chat you can email me or message me on facebook at: I also have skype if you want to add me just ask and ill give you my profile name. Im always looking for new friends.

Teen Chat Comment from Christopher

name = Christopher
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments =

Hello. My name is Christopher, I have Asperger's Syndrome, and my mom told me I should go onto a website such as this. I live in Washington state and go to Raymond Jr/Sr High School. This is my 2nd year there and I am a sophomore. When I grow up, I want to be a filmmaker. I despise sports, and I felt that because of that, people wouldn't really want to hang out with me. I enjoy playing video games, listening to classical music, and writing scripts. To be honest with you, I've felt like an alien from a distance planet when I'm with my peers. I'm glad to know that I am not a "Tigger" (in other words, "the only one"). I feel that I would have a hard time getting a girlfriend because I'm so different from everybody else and I don't play sports. One of my most unlikeable features is probably the fact that I'm overweight and that I'm an anglophile (in other words, I admire the British). Anyway, I am hoping to make new friends who have Asperger's Syndrome like me. If you are interested in getting to know me better, feel free to contact me.

Teen Chat Comment from Mackenzie

name = mackenzie

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hi my name is mackenzie, this is my first time on this web site.

Teen Chat Comment form Chris

name = chris
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = whats up my name is chris im 18, high functioning aspie. dont relly know what im supposed to say i guess just comment or email me if you wanna talk

Teen Chat comment from Jennifer

name = Jennifer

email =

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi fellow aspies! my name is jennifer i am 15 years old as i have already staited in my last comment.iv never meet another aspie in real life. i would obvisiously like to email and make friends with someone before hand; but i was wondering if anyone lived near by Bativia, NY and was considering meeting another person with aspergers. (pre furibly someone around the same age.) if you would like to know, my hobbies are archery, running distance, writing about my life and horseback rideing. i have troubles with anxiety and over worring and im not that good with conversations but i have gotten alot better sense being diangonst. if you live near by and are interesting in talking i prefer email, thank you, oh and please do!

Teen Chat Comment from Sabrina

name = Sabrina

email =

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hey im 13 im looking for a guy between 13-16 THANKS!

Teen Chat Comment from Jake

name = Jake

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = I love to write video game reviews and a looking for somewhere to post them and was hoping you may let me post one on here for you guys to read and comment on?

Teen Chat Comment from Lottie

name = Lottie
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey I'm new here and was just looking for some people to chat to.

Teen Chat Comment from Cullen

name = cullen
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hey just a dude with aspergers hoping to b able to meet new friends with aspergers also

Teen Chat Comment from Skyler

name = Skyler
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, I'm Skyler.  I am 16 and new to this site and chat rooms in general.  This was reccomended to me because I don't have any friends and I'm sometimes lonely.  I enjoy reading fantasy and watching anime like Naruto, Bleach and One Piece.  I would like to chat with anyone else who likes these things

Teen Chat Comment from Jessi

name = Jessi
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hey im new here

Teen Chat Comment by David

name = David
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hello, I am David and I am 15 years old. According to the psychologist I previously saw (a couple years ago), I have Asperger's syndrome. I sometimes doubt that I have Asperger's syndrome in the typical sense, as I can understand things like sarcasm/humor fine. I do exhibit characteristics of Asperger's though, such as not fitting in, being socially anxious and having obsessive interests. My general interests include computers, science, technology and listening to music. Although I tend to be somewhat asocial, I can have a very decent and enjoyable conversation with someone if I am interested in the topic at hand.

Teen Chat Comment from Agnes

name = Agnes-Cecilia
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = My name is Agnes-Cecilia and I am  born 1996. I want to find someone To chat with:) 
I like to watch movies:)

Teen Chat Comment from Caro

name = Caro

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi! I'm new here! I would love to chat. :)

Teen Chat Comment from Braden

name = Braden
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi i'm Braden and I have Aspergers syndrome and I am losing friends faster than I expected so I came here hoping to find hope. I'm a guy who shares very little interests with my grade at school. I am a fan of the metroid series and other things too. I hope that this site can shine light on my life and give me good friends to hang with

Teen Chat Comment from Morgan

name = Morgan
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = I only discovered this site yesterday and made a friend. I have aspergers even though i'm not officially diagnosed. My doctor said i have it. I would like to try to talk to more people, even though its hard for me but i felt like it's easier to talk to someone who knows what i'm going through. If you like to chat, you'll be welcomed. P.S I'm also trying to find a relationship, i'm straight but i felt like my x's didn't understand what i'm going through and i got depressed. I know someday though i'll find a person right for me.

Teen Chat Comment from Sarah

name = Sarah
comments = Hi my name is Sarah, i know this site is for those who have aspergers but although i have never been diagnosed as having aspergers i just know i am different. I have felt alone and separated from everyone for years, i don't understand peoples reactions and i always seem to react in the wrong way or not at all, although i try to talk to people i never get it right and end up giving up. I started reading books and watching tv progammes on aspergers & autism since watching the programme "young, stage struck & autistic" i recognised some of the experiences described and they hit close to home but i still am not sure wether i have something like autism or AS or if it is just that i don't fit in. :S

Teen Chat Comment from Harry

name = harry
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hi everybody. my names harry and I have aspergers. i only discovered this site about 2 months ago and it has really helped me with my social life which before was so low it was almost rock bottom. Ive always had difficulty talking with people because im worried that im going to accidently say the wrong thing. if youd like to talk it would be really cool.

Teen Chat Comment from Dane

name = Dane
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hey, I'm 17 and I've going through severe depression and anxiety and anorexia. My friend are stopping talking to me and I'm feeling more and more alone. I don't want friends though, what I need is a good girlfriend after my last two heartbreaks. Even if it's long distance, it would help. I'm just so lonely.

Teen Chat Comment from Tristan

name = tristan
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = my name is tristan and iam 13 every want to chat

Teen Chat Comment from Stacey

name = Stacey

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments =  Hey guys I only recently discovered this site, and just from reading it can tell you it would have been a big help sooner! If only I had known it existed! I was unofficially diagnosed with mild high functioning Aspergers when I was 7 (in grade 2) I'm now 19 and have been struggling with this on my own for years. Its hard when your friends don't understand why you do things a certain way, and because you don't have an official diagnosis the school won't provide any help. As I'm getting older I've found ways to cope but I've also found things are getting harder. I recently had Auditory Processing Disorder (APD) added to my diagnosis which makes it hard to hear in noisy situations and is common in Aspergers Kids. After discovering this site its good to know that there are people around the same age going through the same things that I can talk to =)

Teen Chat Comment from Amber

name = Amber
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey, guys. I'm Amber and I was never officicially diagnosed with Asperger's, but was told that it's pretty obvious. I have a very hard time with anything social. I have a set group of friends who I lvoe and understand me, but somehow, I still feel alone. My family accepts me with all that I have done and will do with my life and I am grateful; but no one REALLY understands what I'm going through. To add on to the confusion, I recently came out to my family and friends. It's difficult having sucessful, homosexual relationships when you can't understand your own feelings. I just need someone to talk to...

Teen Chat Comment from Erin

Hey guys. I actually need your opinion. I'm 18 years old and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. While the medication is helping with my attention span and all that, many of my problems don't seem to fall under ADHD. I hate eye contact, have meltdowns when things deviate from a set plan, really really struggle socially and avoid social situations when I can, and I even have random habits when i'm nervous, bored, or upset like rocking and pacing. My problem comes in that the only reason we found out I was ADHD was because of problems with my grades in school, not because my parents took me to see if I was. My cousin has Asperger's and while he is more severe than I might possibly be, I see a lot of me in him. Every self test I have taken say it is very possible that I am very high function but on the Asperger's spectrum none the less. All my parents see is that I have a few friends, go to youth group often, and have never seemed to have any delays in school other than not turning things in and my recent problems with my harder classes and they keep comparing me to others and I can't get them to stop and look at me only and the symptoms. I don't know how to approach them to make them listen to me to try to talk to my behavioral therapist to see if I might have Asperger's. Any suggestions? I would really appreciate any ideas you guys have.

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Teen Chat Comment from Tyler

name = tyler
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, i'm 14 and in 8th grade. i need help. my family is messed up, i'm bullied, my parents dont understand, and im the only one with any thing on the autisum spectrum. in a nutshell, HELP!

Teen Chat Comment from Eric

name = Eric
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi I'm Eric. I'm 12 years old and I am in 7th grade. I tried to chat, but I guess I need to get a password, but I haven't figured out how to sign up. I'd like to find some people online to talk to.

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