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Teen Chat Comment from Antonia

name = Antonia Min
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, I am Antonia. Hope everyone is having a lovely dayy! Anyone else like soccer? I haven't many aspies who do :o


  1. Hi Antonia! I'm Kate and I have autism. I LOVE soccer! We can talk about it if you want, my e-mail address is

  2. Hey guys! I'm Tim! I also have aspergers. I love soccer. I used to play when I was little. If you would like, my email is

  3. I have aspergers. I'm a total soccer FREAK! It's my obsession now! If you like soccer, there is this great free app called LiveScore. It's perfect! Just what I needed. By the way, email is

  4. Hi antonia... im samara.. i am an aspie.. i like nintendo mario soccer! I LOVE ninjago lego... i LOVE japanese anime... and i paint!. I read alot... i like anything interesting.. can email me


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