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y'all can call me J

Wassup!! Name's JShadow but y'all can call me J. I'm 19 almost 20 years old and just lookin for peeps to talk to. I love role playing, five nights at freddy's, bendy and the ink machine, star wars, and there's more fandoms I like so if ya wanna talk and ask what they are I can provide :3 If you wanna talk to me outside of this place, I do have Amino that I'm on all the time. I look forward to meeting you if ya wanna know more about me ^^

Hi! Im Zaza and Im 12 years old...

Hi! Im Zaza and Im 12 years old. I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 8 but only found out 2 years later. I have a lot of special interests such as Hot Wheels, anime, Hello Kitty, ThunderCats (the new one) and crafts. I also have a lot of sensory issues. I would love to hear from other people like me who might want to chat with me- my email is zazajmee@gm ail.com .

Hi Im Jacob and Im 15 from England...

Hi Im Jacob and Im 15 from England. I was diagnosed with HFA last year. I struggle meeting friends face to face due to anxiety but Im hoping to meet some new people on here. I like music especially Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd, The Beatles and Fleetwood Mac. If you would like to chat just contact me.

Hey, my name is Jody...

Hey, my name is Jody, I'm 19 and this is most likely my last post here (as I'll be 20 in April) I was diagnosed in 2016 and I love gaming, anime and some sports. I'm a nice person, currently living in Ireland. I'm looking for new friends to talk to or literally anyone. my email (in case it doesn't come up) is theintoxiciatedviper@gmail.com

Hi i'm Maddie a 14 year old girl from the UK!

Hi i'm Maddie a 14 year old girl from the UK! I was diagnosed with autism privately when I was 12 then diagnosed with aspergers on the NHS more recently. I am currently homeschooled which I much prefer as mainstream school was way too much for me and i'd have meltdowns everyday. I thought this would be a good idea to speak to some li ke-minde d people who can understand what I have been through as I don't talk to hardly anyone now I am no longer at school, PLEASE feel free to contact my email @madelinecox30@gmail.com as it would really help speaking to somebody!

Hey it's Tatum again...

Hey it's Tatum again. I've been feeling sad and lonely lately and I really want some friends that I feel comfortable talking to. My best friend has been away at treatment for 7 months now and I only get to call him every couple of months. So if you're a dude and you want to say hello PLEASE email me at tatum.rookie@yahoo.com. I'm also not weird (I don 't t hink) so don't be afraid to contact me! And also if you want to know more about my "story" you can read my first comment which is just a few comments back

Hey, my name's Zach...

Hey, my name's Zach. I'm a 17 year old from the U.K, more specifically Northern Ireland. I have Asperger's and have no friends to speak to or game with, which pretty much sums up how most of my life has gone. I mainly play War Thunder on the Playstation 4, and would like it if someone could possibly join in once in a while. Not really sure how th is works , but hoping that it at the very least can find me some mates to have a laugh with.

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