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Teen Chat Comment from Dylan

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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, my name is Dylan, I'm from Austria. I kinda have aspergers which is a big problem for me because I have no friends at all, instead I have enemies, I just hate having to go through it and it needs to stop. I also play video games more than I read books, which is bad for me because I'm lacking some literature. I sure hope I can find friends on this website.


  1. Hey there Dylan! I've been diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD. I totally understand where your coming from, I've been exactly where you are... I kind of still am.
    Tsk, books are good for you!.. though, videogames vs. books is an argument I don't want to have xD they're both great :)
    I'd love to be your friend, I'm pretty lonely myself... Maybe we can balance each other out? :)

    You can email me at: if you ever want to chat :D

  2. hi u can email me @ if u need someone 2 talk 2


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