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...my name is Cremer

Hello, my name is Cremer Beck. I am 16 years old who has aspergers, OCD and social anxiety. I don't have that many friends to talk with or hang out with. The things that I do to keep myself busy is a hobby. And my hobby is to collect history items and my favorite subject to learn in school is also history. I collect very old items for e.g helmets, uni forms, b oard games, bayonets from the 1800s and books. Also my favorite type of movies to watch is Anime and history films. When I was younger I started to love history alot in school. And when I turned 16 I thought to myself I should start watching Anime and see how I feel about watching Anime. And after watching Anime for the first time I immediately start to enjoy and getting obsessed with Anime. Another thing that I also do is I go and cycle when it is nice and warm. I sometimes drive to the beach or just around a neighborhood. The cycling has become for me a fun sport to do if I am bored or if I feel like I want to be revealed a bit in public. That all I have to say about myself, let me know if you have the same hobby, anxiety or sport ;) thank you.

im a 16 year old female

im a 16 year old female and i believe I have Aspergers and autism. I have always felt like I am different than my peers, but no one seems to notice that I am different. my best friend got diagnosed with autism in 2021 and said that I should look into autism since she thinks I have it now that she has a greater understanding of it. we have been friends for 11 years. at the sta rt of 2022 I started to self harm due to feelings of not fitting in with anyone and not being able to make friends or talk to people normally. idk how to tell my parents about this because I am scared they will doubt I have it since they don't have a very good understanding of what autism is. I have a few cousins with autism and its quite clear in them so maybe my parents base their view on autism off how my cousins act. my favourite subject is maths and I have gotten straights A's in both maths methods and specialist maths this year.

My name is Mary-Catherine...

Hello everyone My name is Mary-Catherine And I have high functioning autism I am here because I am having a hard time with neuro typical people understanding me. I would like to chat with some people . I also would like to make some friends. For the past several years, I have struggled with that and really would like some friends that accept me

hey, im ray :)

hey, im ray :) im 16, (she/her) and was diagnosed with aspergers when i was 13. i don't have much to say to be honest, i play piano and cello... you could say i'm very into music and music production, and i'm doing an online course for that at the moment. but, other than that, i guess you can say there isn't much to me. i do have a dog, his name is rmi and he is my literal kid :') i won't beg for anyone to reply to me on here, it's a long shot, but if you're bored and need someone to most likely make you even more bored, then go ahead!

Hello! My name is Fien...

Hello! My name is Fien (pronounced Finn), Im 14 years old and I am looking for a friend. I have been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, ADHD and Anxiety. I live in Western Australia and I have interests in drawing/painting, Pokmon, frogs, turtles, reading, cosplaying, watching anime, space (NASA) and history. Please feel free to contact me if you would li ke to be friends! Email: eeveeturtle@outlook.com (I can give you my Snapchat or Phone Number after we have chatted a bit through email :D) My pronouns are she/they if you are wondering! :)

Hey! I'm Annie...

Hey! I'm Annie, a 17 year old girl with aspergers. I like a lot of things. Like i'm really into science but i like arts too (i have been playing the piano for 11 years). I'm here to meet new friends, so leave a comment if you're interested.

Hi, My name is Givyn (pronounced given).

Hi, My name is Givyn (pronounced given). I'm 17, live in Texas and have high functioning aspergers. I love music (mostly 90s grunge and punk rock), playing drums, animation, and gaming. Just looking for a few new friends or whoever's up for chatting! Leave a comment, would love to here from ya'll!

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