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Teen Chat Comment from William

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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey! My name is William and I was diagnosed with aspergers when I was about five or six. For about all my life, I have struggled with simple interactions and just simply holding a conversation with anyone. For about the past three years, I've been developing my speech, typing and just social skills by purposely throwing myself out there. With practicing putting myself in situations I would feel uncomfortable in, I have gotten substantially better in talking to people in general. I am still not the best but I'm getting there, and with my continued work, I know I'll get much better with time. I look forward to speaking with you guys!

Teen Chat Comment from Sa'Reena

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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi guys I'm A Writer and I'm looking for someone to help me with ideas for my books. My fave Genre's are Horror And Romance. And I love Snakes. ^_^

Teen Chat Comment from Angelo

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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = I'm 15yrs old,  Love Dogs, outdoors, Music  and playing Xbox games. Would like to make new friends between 13-16yrs. I have been diagnosed with ADHD/ODD and Asperger's (High functioning Autism 2yrs ago) & doing home-schooling.

Teen Chat Comment from Shadow

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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi ! Am not a teenager now, but I am  still an aspergergirl. Am 19. and i have my last year at high school.  I 'llmake a facebook group for aspergers young people.

Chatrooms for Teens on the Autism Spectrum - Research Project

Hi Aspergers Teen Chat members,

My name is Barbara Lawer, I am a master's degree student collating data for my research. In order to help me gain an insight into how chatrooms can be of benefit to teenagers with Aspergers and Autism I would like to select some of your posts (from July 2014) from the Aspergers Teen Chat site.

However, I will not be using any of your posts without your consent. Please be assured that any information used in my research would be anonymised. Both names and pseudonyms would be disguised and only small samples of text would be used in analysis or discussion so that text is not identifiable. Furthermore, this data is for my dissertation, meaning only a select few lecturers will be viewing it.

If you are happy to consent to me using some of your posts from July 2014 within my analysis please reply to this message or e mail me directly at by 28th August 2014. Furthermore, if you would like to ask any question I am more than happy to answer them.

Thank you for your time.

Barbara Lawer
University Campus Suffolk, UK

Teen Chat Comment from Andrea

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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hello, My name is Andrea!  I'm going to be 17 years old in a week and I am starting my senior year in high school.  I have Aspergers syndrome and Depression.  I have come to this website because I don't really have any friends and want to talk to people like me!

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