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Teen Chat Comment from Lisa

name = Lisa

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hi im lisa and im looking for a boyfriend im a great person who lives in california who also has aspergers so if any of u guys are intrested my user name is purple giraffe

Teen Chat Comment from Ma'Kailah

name = Ma'Kailah

email =

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hi im Ma'Kailah. I dont know anyone in real life who has aspergers besides my friend donnie. email me at anytime.

Teen Chat: Comment from Georgia

name = Georgia
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = I think this website is absoutley brilliant , because it gives you a chance to socialise with teenagers who are going through the same thing as you and know exactly what it feels like . When i first got told i had aspergers syndrome i felt like such a freak , almost diffrent to everyone else but know that ive found this website i can no longer feel isolated because of a little condition :)

Teen Chat Comment from Albert

name = Albert

email =

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hey ppl my names al, im 17 and i would like to make a few m8s and chat to as many hot girls as possible!

Teen Chat Comment from Elijah

name = elijah
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments =

Hello there how are u All Doing i Am elijah single guy turning sixtee this year may,Also Would Love to find a soul Mate i mean a Gilr friend who is minded i want a long term relationship any Lady who wants to Know me should feel free to Send me a message on My Yahoo which...    I am an honest heart that's looking for a stable relationship. I understand it is important to lay down lasting foundations for a lasting relationship. I am an active person who enjoys cycling and running best. I believe keeping fit is important. I am not interested in games or drama.I am looking for someone who has a great sense of humor and big heart, is curious about new things that would like to share new experiences or old habits.  I am looking for someone who believes that a true intimate partner looks out for the other and vice versa. While navigating life together, we are caring and concerned for each others well-being because we make each other so happy and we love each other very much.Looking for a serious long term relationship with someone who possesses strong character and is goal-oriented. She must love the Lord with all of his heart,then I know he will love me with all Her heart. She should enjoy good humor, love to laugh, and be a hopeless romantic.So that would make her a God-loving romantic

Teen Chat Comment from Rita

name = Rita

email =

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hey guys :D i'm new here and i'd love to meet people who are like me!!

Teen Chat Comment from Jonah

name = Jonah

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey guys, I'm Jonah. I'm new to this site, and I just want to see what this site is about.

Teen Chat Comment from Jess

name = Jess
email =
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hiya guys
my name is jess
i'm 15
i have aspegers and ADHD
and i'm new to this site :L

Teen Chat Comment from Jessica

name = Jessica

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hi my name is Jessica i am ocd and asbergers i have a very hard time fittin in . i love to sing , play piano and i love Facebook and just like mchael i too am bored and want to make friends that understand me

Teen Chat Comment from Emily

name = Emily

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments =

Hey boys i am full of love i am like a bear who what to go out come one i am full of love :) :)!!!!

Teen Chat Comment from Michelle

name = Michelle

email =

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey everybody I'm Michelle. It's nice to see a chat room for all of us normal people. I've been diagnosed as an aspie for almost 2 years and I think it makes me pretty cool. Yeah I'm not the best in social situations but I'm really musical playing 4 instruments and I had a solo on the marching field this past year and I have a million other talents. I'm pretty smart taking a lot of AP classes and I can say the alphabet backwards super fast. Yeah so I'm kinda like Juno without the pregnancy. If only I was better with the guys though...

Teen Chat Comment from Tiffany

name = tiffany

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = hi ppl i am new to this website

Teen Chat Comment from Jared

name = Jared

Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments =

Hey my name is Jared, I am also a fellow Asperburger. My favorite activites are: Downhill skiing,Archery,listening to music etc... I play the trumpet and i play it very well. I quit though a few years ago. Currently I am playing the drums and still taking lessons. Well that is pretty much it about me. If you like me and want to add me...feel free! :-)

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