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Teen Chat Comment from Bailey

name = Bailey
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Im 16, in high school and it blows. i have some friends but not as many as other people. i have really good grades and im super smart but still none of the other girls seem to want to hangout with me. So unlike other kid, high school for me is just school and nothing social. I don't do social very well. I like Aspergers Teen Chat because it always has people who I can talk and relate too. I finally feel like I belong somewhere and that's all I have ever searched for. I love this place.

Teen Chat Comment from Kayla

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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey! :)
My name is Kayla.  I'm 15 years old, I am a sophomore in high school, and I have high-functioning Asperger's syndrome.  I have friends and stuff, but I guess I was just wanting to find some friends with asperger's to talk to. so, that's why I'm here.  I'm new here.. so I actually have no idea what I'm doing..
But ya so if you wanna talk or whatever just comment or email me at

Teen Chat Comment from Robert

name = Robert Waters
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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Robert and I have aspergers syndrome and was diagnosed when I was 5. I was born in America, I lived there until I was 3, but now I live in Dublin, Ireland and I just turned 14 last week. I have been in mainstream education since I was 5 but there has always been some things that were a little different about me, I liked video games like Crash Bandicoot and Sonic the Hedgehog while the other boys liked football and yu-gi-oh. I did try to get into the stuff they were into, but I didn’t, I was happy with my interests. Sometimes I have difficulty with anger and dealing with my peers. Irish people’s culture is to make fun of each other in a joking way (we call that “slagging” or “banter”) but I have trouble figuring out what is “slagging” and what is “bullying” and sometimes I take things the wrong way but my parents are teaching me to get over it. Because Ireland is a small country I haven’t met anyone else with aspergers and boy I need some teenagers like me to talk to!!

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Teen Chat Comment from Sophia

name = Sophia
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hi, I'm sixteen and I just sorta stumbled onto this site. I didn't really ever think this could exist, but I guess I just wanted to know if there are really other people like me. Until a couple of years ago, I always just assumed I was just awkward or messed up somehow, 'til I found a list of criteria for asperger's online and they almost all fit me. I asked my mom, and she explained that I had been diagnosed as a kid, but they didn't tell me -- still not sure why. I'm what doctors call borderline/  high functioning, which I guess means I can hide it fairly well, but it's still definitely there. So, anyway, my interests are writing, books, film, ethics, politics/ social justice, psychology (obviously), and history. I do karate and academic team, so I can knock you out while reciting random facts. I like to think I'm a pretty good writer, particularly poetry. In general, I display above-average capacities in logical reasoning, vocabulary, etc, (Can I talk like a psychologist here and have no one think it's weird?) but I struggle with all the usual aspie stuff: social interaction, eye contact, reading cues, physical contact, and the like. I'm not really sure how this works but if you want to talk, hit me up!

Teen Chat Comment from Jackie

name = Jackie Toymil
Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey.  Here is some stuff about me.  I was diagnosed with Asperger's at age 12.  As a child I have have always been shy, but impulsive once I settled in.  Over the years, I have become introverted together, but I have gotten much better since my freshman year in High School.  I have been playing the trumpet for about seven years now and love all music except heavy metal, rap, and country.  I am gifted with my artistic abilities in writing and drawing.  I really want to know as much as I can about Asperger's as well.  If you want to chat, feel free...that's why I'm here!

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