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Teen Chat Comment from Alfredo

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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = I have aspergers as well but why I'm really here for is Kayla you still there?

Teen Chat Comment from Adam

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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = I'm new to the sight, not new to Aspergers. I'm 16.I've always had Aspergers sense I was a child. It wasn't very well explained to me all I know is that I was given special treatment in school, and that didn't help the fact that It's hard for me to make friends already. I'm extremely nerdy because of that, I range from being interested in the canon of Fallout, I've read all the SCP's 1-2000 that exist, and I HL2RP on garrysmod. So....very nerdy.

Teen Chat Comment from Kyle

name = Kyle
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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Uhh, hey, my name is Kyle.  I've been diagnosed with Asperger's for a year and a half now and I'm still coping with it.  My interests are manga, psychology, and philosophy.  I have a really hard time in face-to-face chat but I do well online.  I have issues making friends in social settings because of the complex prerequisites that are difficult to fulfill and I am rather timid socially.  I love to converse and would enjoy comparing things with other Aspies.  I am quite friendly as long as the other party isn't belligerent and so I can get along with most people as long as they don't take it personally if I accidentally say something that offends them.

Teen Chat Comment from Jeffrey

name = Jeffrey
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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey I'm Jeffrey, and I'm 15 years old. I enjoy gaming, reading and creative writing, psychology, pharmacology, other sciences, technology, etc.
I've never been officially diagnosed with aspergers/hfa etc. but I have trouble socializing and a few other symptoms such as obsessions to certain topics (for example I memorize the names of medications, and I could tell you perhaps the name of every opiod, benzodiazepine, antidepressant, or anything else you could possibly think of lol) so it's rather apparent that I have it. Despite most things I've seen where people with aspergers can't relate to other people or empathize/feel others feelings or recognize their emotions, I am the complete opposite. I am extremely empathetic and understanding, and I love helping people with their issues, and emotional problems. Feel free to email me, or if you have kik messenger my username is Jganulin, I'd love to talk to you, about anything. I speak English, French and Greek, and I'm usually available to talk, so if you're bored, lonely, or seeking advice, I'll be here. :)

Teen Chat Comment from Tia

name = Tia
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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hello, I'm Tia. I'm a 15 year old girl with Aspergers. I consider myself a huge nerd, as I have a fond passion for science (biology, chemistry) and mathematics. I also really like Computer Science and technology fields. I'm also a gamer, thus, in my spare time I am a Night Elf in WOW, an Asura in Guild Wars 2, and I occasionally get on the PS3 and play Black Ops II. I've always struggled with social interactions, and find it difficult to relate to people my age. Please feel free to talk to me! I'd love to meet some new people. :D

Teen Chat Comment from Hazel

name = Hazel
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Aspies_Teen_Chat_comments = Hey! My name's Hazel. I'm 14. I'm from Scotland. I haven't been tested for aspergers yet so I'm not completely certain that I have it, but my parents think I do. I'm a very shy person, and I find it difficult to make friends. Plus I'm very weird and random hahaha! I hope I can make some new friends on here. Feel free to email me at the email above, also my display name is Hazzzel, you might see me on the chat sometime! :)

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