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Hi, I am Stella.....

Hi, I am Stella. I'm a 16 year old girl. I got diagnosed with autism in 1st grade. I live in the Midwest of the united states. And I'm a sophomore in high school. I am looking for some friends. My interests include video games (I like the last of us on PS4). I play competitive chess, and am learning the guitar. I am looking for friends, be it boy or girl. If you want to talk reply to this comment or email me at stellabear295@gmail.com or add me on snapchat @aspychess29.

Hello, my name is Mary-Catherine.....

Hello, my name is Mary-Catherine and I am 17 years old and live in Texas. I am a junior in high school that has Asperger's Syndrome. I have been diagnosed since 8th grade. I enjoy playing the piano, running, and swimming. My favorite type of music is rap, alternative rock, and indie.

hi my name is Tayson ...

hi my name is Tayson Gibbs. known online as JustTheTMG. I like Undertale, Drawing, Art, and Making friends. I want to be a great graphic designer when I grow up. I like other game franchises aswell, like FNAF, Sonic, and i'm also 15 years old going on 16. I have high functioning autism. and its hard for me to make friends and keep friends. i h ave stru ggles in school. i would like to talk to somebody here... IF anybody is around.

my name is noah...

my name is noah i have high functioning autism i like video games i play nascar heat 5 , Minecraft, gta 5 , gears of war all of them , need for speed all of them, roblox and watch youtube gaming and watch movies horror comedy and action like super 8 back to the future and liar liar i am looking for some friends and to have fun

From Joshua...

I am Currently 16 (17 in march 22 2021). I have known I have known that I was ever since I was in the 5th Grade. I love making friends although I have had issues finding friends throughout my life. I have found some but I would like to meet more people like me who are on the spectrum and need someone to talk to. I like to talk about intellectual an d philos ophical things and I like seeing other peoples view points. I also like talking about music since I am a musician myself. I play Drumset and percussion and I am heavily involved in my School's marching band and Jazz Ensemble. I know there are others like me out there who are like me. I tend to consider myself a weird person. By no way do I mean this negatively I actually take it as a compliment and have rather learned to embraced my uniqueness. Anyways if you are out there, Lonely, need someone to talk to. Maybe discuss some big ideas or just have a regular conversation I'm Here so feel free. I also have Instagram, Discord and snapchat if you wish to talk there as well.

Hello! I'm Daniella and I'm 16.....

Hello! I'm Daniella and I'm 16. I found out I have Asperger's about 3 years ago. I also have severe social anxiety and have a hard time making and keeping friends. A little about me is that I am originally from Puerto Rico but moved to the United States when I was 8. I also love writing, theater and music (mostly pop-rock). I really hope to meet new pe ople, so please don't hesitate to reach out - just leave me a comment and I will get to you.

My name is Aidan I am 17...

Greetings everyone My name is Aidan I am 17 and I have aspergers, and GAD. I play video games (minecraft, Space engineers and Subnautica) I artist and read. I do not have many friend and would like to meet new people and maybe my missing piece. So if u want to chant leave me a comment I will try and get back to you.

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